This is one of the most favorite restaurant among locals. It specializes in two great southern traditions – barbecue and the blues. You will be amazed to taste the ribs and Brunswick stew there. Live music by a variety of local blues performers will only add to your delight.   Here is a review –   ” For a real taste of the South, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack is the place to go. You can’t get more quintessential Southern than blues and barbeque and this dive-quese is an Atlanta institution. There is no better barbeque in the city, or well anywhere. The place is small and always packed, there will be a line out the door, good thing it doesn’t actally get cold in Atlanta in winter, summer is another story. It is worth the wait. Make sure to use your time in line wisely and know exactly what you are getting when you get to the counter. They have their own, whom we lovingly refer to as the Barbeque Nazi. This is not a woman you want to anger, though everyone is wise enough not to. The menu is short, but what more do you really need than pulled pork, ribs, and chicken in a BBQ place? It can be tough to find a table, but they turn over pretty quickly and why not make new friends. Food comes out quickly and is worth every second of the wait. The sauce is divine, you will be licking your paper plate clean to get every last drop. Definitely worth getting a jar to take home with you. If that isn’t enough, they have live blues nightly. So, grab a sandwich, a cup of Brunswick stew, and a beer and be prepared to get messy!”